Monday, February 14, 2011

Note holder for book lovers!

This is one of many ideas from the book, Playing With Books.
I bought mine on for about $10.  The list price is $24.99.

What a great thing to do with an old mass market paperback book (the smaller, less expensive paperbacks).  If you can't part with one of your own, pick one up at Goodwill for about a quarter.  A 300 page book works out perfectly.  Just fold each page over halfway and crease.  I made this one on a long car ride last week - you can talk and fold at the same time.  I wish I had had more books along.  I could have made about 10 of these in no time.  They'd make great gifts for your book group friends.

After folding down the pages, you hot glue it onto a plaque.  I picked up my plaque at Michaels for $1.50 and stained it with Old English Dark Scratch Cover.
 This is a great place to tuck a sweet note to your spouse or kids.
  It can hold reminders, invitations, photos, or business cards.
Just squiggle some hot glue on the bottom pages and push it down firmly onto the plaque.  I think this looks a lot better than notes plastered all over the refrigerator!  It's also a good way to recycle old books. Even children could make these!


Susan @ said...

Nan, This is the greatest idea! Thanks for showing it. I heard this book was great and it's been in my Amazon inbox for 2 weeks now. I'm a library teacher and I couldn't resist it! Thanks for sharing, I love your site!

Veronica said...

Had some time to myself so I've been browsing around your blog! Great ideas! Love this old book idea- fabulous gift for book club - I agree! Thanks for the inspiration! (I so often also find myself saying "but I could make that!") Vxx



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