Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakfast Room and Kitchen in McKinney

This is such a lovely old house - it even has a breakfast room.  Most of the rooms in this stately house are functional, spacious, and they are all beautiful.  The breakfast room, however, is a quaint and small room - just right for pretty little breakfast table.  Jan is relaxed and laid back about doing just about anything on these beautiful surfaces.  We used paint, permanent markers, and even stain while working on projects on the island and she didn't bat an eye.  Everything is covered with finishes that just wipe clean - any marks that don't come off, Jan refers to as "memory marks"!  People and the memories created by them are far more important to these two than "things".  It's such a relaxing place to visit!

Through the back entrance to the kitchen, you can see the 
courtyard and the garage with more guest space above.
 Yes, the orchids are real . . . I wondered the same thing!
 There is tons of storage space in this long island.  Access from
 the work side, and beautiful decorative painting all around.

All of the wood floors in the house are original, except in the kitchen.
This floor is made of reclaimed wood and blends in beautifully with the originals.
Isn't this decorative painting great?!?
 Attached to the cupboard is a chalkboard that is often filled with grandchildren's artwork. 
 The entrance to the breakfast room is marked by the beginning of original slate floors.

These are old fishing floats.

Check back soon!  I still have pictures to post of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and outside areas.


Mona said...

beautiful pictures, wonderful blog. Regards from Polish

kristen said...

nan! these are gorgeous!! please tell me you are putting them on her blog too!!! i love this! what a fun weekend!



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