Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mimicking Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed's
 Copy Me 
is here!

My first contact with Miss Mustard Seed's blog was a visit to her Furniture Feature Friday Party.  I love her sensible approach to decorating; her ability to take an old, worn-out piece and make it come alive again with her painting techniques and embellishments.  On top of that she doesn't keep her secrets to herself.  With a blogful of tutorials and tricks of the trade, she has made it a cinch for others to achieve that same elegant, yet unpretentious look.  

My first thought was to tackle a project I've had waiting in the wings and enter it in the challenge.  However, as a full-time teacher, time would not allow for that until summer.  So, I decided to take some photos of the room in my home that most resembles Miss Mustard Seed's look - my dining room.  With a few tweaks here and there, I think it comes pretty close.

Before . . .                and                        After

A few corners went from smooth to timeworn with the help
of some sandpaper and Old English Dark Scratch Cover.

Before . . .                and                        After

Before . . .                 and                         After

This piece started out as stained cherry.  I had to make the changes when my husband wasn't home . . . I do things like that.  He knows what I'm up to, but change is hard.   He loves it now, but I'm pretty sure he would never have gone for the whole paint idea in the beginning!  
(Sometimes you just have to make some changes 'on the sly'.)

And, finally, you can't go wrong with your grandmother's sterling.

Thank you, Miss Mustard Seed, for your Copy Me Challenge. 
You are an inspiration to many!


Anne said...

Nan, what a pretty, cheerful room! I love the colors.

Gwen said...

Old English? Wow, how easy, love that! Thanks for the inspiration.

Susan @ said...

Hey There! I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

So, so gorgeous! I love the antiqued look!

Lucy said...

Great job -- and very inspiring. Isn't it amazing what just a little sandpaper and an "ager" of some kind can do? MMS is definitely one worth copying.



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