Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, I didn't really make anything today!  I did spend a lot of time thinking about all kinds of things I could make, but that's about it.  I was perfectly content to be still and look at the loads and loads of fresh snow and drifts the storm left behind.
Bona fide blizzard.
No school.
No mail - not even a newspaper!
It was great! 

Our snowy abode - after the storm.
Even the birdhouse got a hat of snow!

No, I didn't make anything, but I did do something with creativity in mind.  I took my pruning shears out in the yard and cut a few branches off my Pussy Willow tree to force them into bloom.  I'm sure my neighbor, who was at that very moment snowblowing through the drifts about fifteen feet away from me, thought I was nuts.

But there they sit and they will be beautiful!  I'm hoping I'll have loads of little "catkins" busting out on the branches by Valentine's Day.  A sure sign of spring!
It will look just like this in no time.

And maybe I could make one of these pussy willow nests, just like Martha!  She'll teach you how right here.  You just need a bundle of soft, pliable, and fresh, pussy willow twigs.
Felted Fleece Spring Baskets & Pussy Willow                Felted Fleece Spring Basket & Pussy Willow
Or some of these pretty little baskets made with felted raw fleece and Pussy Willow catkins. Directions for this project are right here.  Perfect for an Easter tree.  This would probably be a great project for a spring craft gathering with some friends.  
I would love to make THESE!

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Artichoke Alley said...

Beautiful! Sometimes just sitting quietly and thinking about projects is the best kind of day! Enjoy!



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