Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday's snow day was so relaxing - productive in a different kind of way.  But today is a bonus day.  Round two.  A second chance!
School was closed for the second day in a row, and today I am going to make something.  So.  To begin with, there's this book I found a few months ago at Anthropologie.  A book about books.  (So it has to be good!)

It's jam-packed with great things you can make with book pages; some useful, and some that are just fun to look at.  I'm going for useful.  Here are some of my supplies:

 Clear vinyl, spray adhesive, and some very old books (Boys' and Girls' Bookshelf) that my mother poured over as a little girl.  These books are filled with beautiful drawings, photos, poems, diagrams, and information that children just might wonder about.  There are articles on everything from, "How to make a cat's hair stand on end", to "Why your fingers are not all the same length".  There are "Fairy Stories", and an article to explain, "How goats and sheep fight".  All very important things to know when you're a child.
 There are beautiful illustrations.

And I love this article on the 'art' of housekeeping!  Where are the men?  Oh. It's 1912.

So those are my supplies and now to put them all together and make something fun and useful.  A while ago, I posted a project idea to give myself incentive.  If I put it out there, then I really have to make it.
My goal is to get this project done before the weekend is over . . .

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Lucy said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. The original book sounds like a treasure and I might have a hard time taking it apart!



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