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My mom.
January 8, 1927 - May 5, 2013

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And my post from a year and a half ago:

This Sunday, my mom will be celebrating her 85th birthday.  
What do you get a woman who has everything . . . on her 85th birthday?  I decided the best gift I could give her would be acknowledgement of the reasons why she is so special to me.
So I made a simple little accordion book, and filled it with 10 things I love and admire about my mom.  

(There's a link to a YouTube video showing you how to make your own book, at the end of this post)  

My mom is an avid reader, so I used a great old book cover for the front and back of the accordion book.  Just tear out the pages and wrap the cover with some pretty papers. 
 Then, after deciding how many pages you want, fold a long piece of paper, accordion style.  My book needed 10 pages, so I had to use several pieces of paper pieced together. Then glue your typed script or photos on each page.
Fill up the book with memories of the most wonderful things you know about the person you're making the book for.

My mom and dad - right about the time they met.
Once the book was complete, I wrapped it up with a little charm made just for mom, with a birthday sentiment on the back cover.  She really is, one LOVELY lady!
A Christmas time lunch just a couple weeks ago, with my mom!

You can never repay your parents for the gift of life, but I think it's important to let them know how grateful you are for that gift and the many ways you love and admire them.

"Happy Birthday Mom!"

A little YouTube video showing how to make your own accordion book!



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