Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello and thanks for stopping!

Today I've been at my sewing machine . . . a LOT!  I was working on some pillow slipcovers for the living room and another for the ottoman that I made a couple winters ago.  I know, it's only had the original cover for a hair over two years, but I like to change things up.  Two years is an eternity in my mind!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm constantly painting walls or rearranging furniture.

But, before I get to that . . . I got some awesome finds at Goodwill to share with you.  One of the first places I look when I get there is the silver section.  There are often other women hovering around the same area and I've considered asking them if they are bloggers.  I read about so many of you that do the same thing and so, I wonder . . . ?  But I found this incredible silver champagne bucket for only $9.99!  I put it in my cart - and guarded it carefully.  They were eyeing it . . .
 It was really tarnished - totally black.  But there was no engraving on it, and no dents anywhere.  I've seen them online for anywhere from $50 - $90, so there was no decision to make!  It took a ton of Tarn-X - but it sparkles!

Then I saw this pretty little antique jelly jar with a scrolly gold leaf design and wording.  It was only a couple dollars, so that came home with me too. 
I'm thinking jelly beans . . .
I think they look great together!  They're on a beautiful silver tray that was only $5.  So, it was a good day at the thrift store!

Which brings me to another project of the day - a new slipcover for my ottoman.  I decided to have my "coffee tables" switch places between the family and living rooms.  More on the one that left the living room another time.  You can find my tutorial for the ottoman here.  It was originally covered in a floral fabric that had the browns and turquoise of the family room as you see here.
But the fabric has faded quite a bit since this picture was taken, and it just looked limp.  So I pulled it into the living room and made a simple little off-white linen slipcover with a pleated skirt.  

Linen and silver . . . I like that combination!

And there's Norma, waiting in the wings!  Isn't she beautiful?
(I wish she sounded as pretty as she looks!)

Some day.

Some day she'll really sing!


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The Polka Dot Closet said...

OK, I am green with envy on the champagne bucket! That was quite the score. When I have found treasures at the thrift store I go grab an ugly piece of clothing to throw over it while I shop! LOL


aarond said...

I found a champagne bucket last year at Goodwill for $10.00. I couldn't believe it either. It had a price tag from some dept store on the bottom of $69.99. I snapped it up too. Since then I have collected several pieces of silver. I just joined your blog and hope you will join me too.

WendyW said...

Oh I love silver and linen together - what a lucky find!! The slip cover looks wonderful. I am going to add that to my next project. Thanks so much!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Goodwill is such a wonderful source. I NEED some glass pillar candle holders. May have to go to GW this weekend.

Question: where did you get the bird with script pillow that's on the chair in one of the pictures? Did you make it?

Anne said...

Great find.Cleaned up great.But I also love the tarnished look too.And much easier not to have to clean it.

Mary said...

I'm absolutely in love with the linen slipcover!! Thanks for sharing it.

Mary @ Sea Quilts

Mary said...

I'm absolutely in love with the linen slipcover!! Thanks for sharing it.

Mary @ Sea Quilts

sbo said...

thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive



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