Friday, March 23, 2012



I've missed a couple of these!  So it's time to get back into my photos and share a new project idea!  The weather has been absolutely beautiful and freaky warm here in Wisconsin.  We've had two weeks of sandals-bare-legs-no-coat-weather - in MARCH!!!  That just doesn't happen around here!  


All this warm weather has had me outside cleaning out my gardens and getting all the remains of the fall leaves and sticks off of the patio.  I've put a fresh coat of paint on some of the furniture and now I'm working on some pillows for outside.  Turquoise is the color I'm working with so I thought I'd share some of the pillows that are inspiring me.  The photos came from Pottery Barn and google searches - some from a while ago and I can't recall their exact origin.  Tomorrow or Sunday, if the sun is shining, I hope to get some pictures taken outside. 

Meanwhile, here are some great pillows to inspire YOU too!

And, last of all, I had to include this BEAUTIFUL buffet!  Oh, for a screen porch!
Now, up to the sewing machine I go!

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Veronica said...

Hi there Nan! Sorry I've been AWOL lately from your blog, but I've been having problems with my internet. (Still am!) So I struggle to download anything. Frustration! Today it seems better. I LOVE your inspiration here! So my style! The turquoise is gorgeous. Strangely I am not a 'yellow' person and yet lately I have been drawn to it and I love the little yellow/lime touches here. Hope your warm weather continues! We're heading for Autumn here. The leaves have already started to change and the evenings are a couple of degrees cooler. Still hot by day though thankfully. We don't really have a proper 'Fall" as you do. The changing leaves aren't as noticeable & we kind of stumble from summer into winter. Hoping to update my blog soon as my interet is sorted! keep well! Vxx



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