Thursday, March 1, 2012


(I'm posting this a day early since I won't be near a computer tomorrow.)

We've gotten a good dose of sunshine and warm 
weather!  Soon to say goodbye to this!
But I'm hoping for one more big dose of this-
before spring arrives in Wisconsin for good!  I know I may not have much company in this desire!  Regardless, it won't be long now until Spring arrives in Wisconsin!  I've been informed that cardinals can be heard early in the morning now - that's a definite sign that spring is just around the corner!

So, after a great break from the gray gloom of February in the north - I'm just about ready to get back to my piles of projects.  Lots of fabric piles and paint buckets await me!  I've been perusing a catalog from Ballard Designs during our stay and got some great ideas.  Soon on the redo list at home, is our laundry room - to be followed by outdoor ideas.  

Here are some of the things that I am 
interested in doing in some shape or form -
A take on the old Gym Baskets.  I remember these well.  Do they still use these in the high school locker rooms of today?

Lacquered and Stenciled Basket
 Bee Pillows for the patio
A Postcard Door Stop for those spring days when you can finally open the windows again and let the fresh breezes blow through the house.
An Easter Pillow

Spring-Like Push Pins
More Message Ribbons
A Labeled Wood Carrier/Planter

Laundry Wall Art
And my own version of a Home Address Sign

I'm glad I took the time to give my sewing/craft room a thorough cleaning because I'm really ready to mess it up again!


Sue said...

You can have one more big snow, but I am hoping for spring weather real soon~ LOL It has been a very mild winter here- if our area received 3 inches of snow I would be surprised. I am happy, though! It's been gray and cold, with some mild days thrown in. I live for the sunshine!
Don't know about locker baskets these days. Most schools in our area have regular lockers, with paneled doors.
I'll pray to the snow gods for you if you pay homage to the sun gods for ME, ok?
~ Sue

sawn48 said...

The blue birds are already mating and building like crazy here. I hope they are lining their nests good. I fear we will have many more really cool days before warm weather is here to stay. These last few warm days we have been having only brought in tornadoes for us.We had a bad run of tornadoes Wednesday across Ky. and are expecting more on Friday. It has really been sad, the destruction it brought to so many homes here.



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