Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Winter Fairy House

Do YOU have a fairy house in your summer garden?  I do.  However it's been buried in snow for months now.  So, I got to thinking . . .

(Understand. This post is for the young - or the young at heart!)

Where do fairies go in the winter?  One wonders.  The summer house is buried in snow.  Completely uninhabitable!  Well, I found this on my dining room table just the other day.  You know how one day you have a corner that is clean as a whistle and the next day there's a perfectly miraculous little web with a resident you'd rather not have? 

 Enter the winter fairy house. 

 The complete opposite affair. 

Complete with a little fairy bed made of twigs!

Folklore tells us that most fairies are offended by a spoken thank you, so just enjoy their presence quietly if you want to keep them.   Lore also says to leave them trinkets in lieu of thanks . . . something like this little nest-crown to remind them of those warm summer days that will eventually come again.

Just a reminder to keep a firm hold on that small child inside of us all.  If you think this post is silly, you've probably already lost it.  Or you could share it with your child or grandchild . . . and watch their face light up when they discover a winter fairy house somewhere in YOUR house one day!  They might look something like this.

1 comment:

dogsmom said...

I think my fairies headed for warmer climates for the winter months, but perhaps I ned to make an abode to welcome them back. I would hate for them to relocate permanently.



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