Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy Organizing . . .

I've been busy lately - working on changing a guest room into a space filled with all of my "supplies".  I've been organizing all of my fabrics, craft supplies, papers, brushes, glues, paints, fabric stacks, beads, canvases, projects plans . . . you name it - so, I haven't been making anything because I'm too busy painting walls, sorting, and sifting.  I can't wait to have everything in place so I'm able go right to what I need, when I need it!  I plan on spending many a summer day in this room surrounded by orderly supplies, fresh flowers, open windows - it's going to be FABULOUS!  Here are some inspiration photos for some great creative spaces!  
I really want to make one of these dressmaker forms . . . this summer.
 Remember the ones from "My Favorite Room" in McKinney?

There are lots of instructions out there for making a dressmaker's form, but I love this article explaining the process!  I guess people have been making these from scratch for years!  Bravo, Cora!
 A place for everything and everything in its place!
 Fresh flowers from the garden - every day!
 Great tags for labeling boxes and baskets.
Something with lots of great drawers or slots for the little stuff. 
Such pretty storage jars!  I need to find some great jars from Goodwill, then print out some labels from The Graphics Fairy. 
A fun lamp or two.
 And some sparkly thumb tacks for a cork board.

A beautiful old frame for the chalkboard -
Bearing those sweet words that every child and teacher love to hear at the end of the year!

(Only 39 more school days until summer . . . but who's counting??)

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Anne said...

What a great post! I also love to think about organizing things, but hadn't included pretty details like those sparkly tacks. Love the inspirations!

Lastiques said...

I love everything in this post! I dream of such a space with such pretties. I have heard of creating a dress form that way using duck tape. I've considered having my husband "tape me up" but I'm afraid of what the thing will look like when its done! Thanks!



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