Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Something a student made for ME!

So far, I have limited all of my posts to things I have made - not things made by anyone else.  Also, I have not placed much personal information on my blog.  I figure that might be interesting to the people who know me, but for those of you who don't know me at all . . . eh, not so interesting.  But, today is different.  I had to post this and explain it.  My 31 year old son had surgery on Christmas Eve for testicular cancer.  He has been very positive and has inspired me all the way through with how he has faced this thing head on and is determined to go through it in the most positive way possible.  You think that by the time your kids leave home, you know them really well.  Then something like this happens.  I've seen a depth of character and fortitude that makes me admire him even more.  During his time away from work, he has focused on fundraising for the LiveSTRONG Foundation.  So, in the middle of doctors' appointments and chemotherapy, he has raised well over $20,000 for cancer research! Now he is nearing the end of 4 rounds of chemo and it's getting kind of tough.  Well, this morning, I came into my classroom and a student walked up to me (11 years old) and said, "Mrs. Burger, I made this for you last night!"  Well, that about did me in for the day.  So sweet!!!  He knows I love to read and he made this bookmark out of duct tape.  It had to take awhile!  I knew I had to share it on my blog - because after all -

Thank you Hayden!  You made my day!
My son, Andy. and his wife, Kate - taken on their wedding day almost 2 years ago.


Artichoke Alley said...

Wow! You and Hayden brought tears to my eyes! It's awesome that you have inspired children (yours and obviously others) to create and care for people. I so hope your son continues to stay strong and live strong! Thank you for sharing and reminding me to reflect on the good in people!

Reyna said...

Thank you for sharing that touching story.

Thank you for the reminder that it doesn't have to be something "big" to touch someone's heart.

And what a fine son you have raised to be thinking of others at this time in his life!

Thank you and I will pray for your family.

freckled laundry said...

Oh my. What a beautiful child to make that for his teacher. That made me cry! Children offer such hope, don't they? Pure light. So sorry that you all went through this but happy to read that he has been declared cancer-free. Praise God. I love what you wrote about him showing depth of character, etc. that you had never seen in him before. Beautiful. I thank you for sharing this bit of you with me. Certainly puts things in perspective. I'm so happy that his story, despite the struggles that you all surely endured, had a happy ending. Have a lovely weekend, Nan.



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