Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter and inspiration photos!

It's high time to get back to the business of making things.  We've been on vacation, as you can see by the previous posts.  Now it's time to get out the glue gun, sewing machine . . . something!  As Easter fast approaches, so do some wonderful opportunities for projects!  So, today I'm on the hunt for a few supplies.  Here are some great photos that inspire me.  I think I want to extend our vacation by somehow replicating that beautiful turquoise color of the Gulf of Mexico . . .  a perfect color for Easter decor and spring in general.  What Easter decorations/accessories are you making this year? 

Burlap Bucket
A burlap "bucket"(lined with plastic) to be used as a planter or unlined and used for storage. 
Lucid Outlines Pillow
12" x 20" Lucid Outlines Pillow (Anthropologie) $118
 Painted Sea-Floor Pillow Cover
Pottery Barn's "Painted Sea Floor" pillow covers - $35-$39
 Viva Terra's "Where'd You Find It" bag for $69
Ile Saint-Louis Bag
Anthropologie's - Ile Saint Louis Bag for $288
Cute bobbie pins for a little girl to wear on Easter Sunday
Knotted Tagalong Tote
Anthropologie's "Knotted Tagalong Tote" for $278!!!!
Things Past Necklace
Anthropologie's "Things Past" necklace for $198
Beautiful felted bag.

Let me know if you are up to the challenge!  You KNOW you could make that!

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The Vintage Barn said...

I love those first eggs! I've tried painting the paper mache ones but I can never get them to look that good!



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