Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The last McKinney post for THIS year!

Okay, here is the final set of pictures from my trip to Jan and Bob's in McKinney.  These were all taken outside and I went a little crazy.  I just walked around the house and clicked and clicked, it just all looks so pretty.

 Below, a little pint-sized garden set for the grandchildren!
 Flowers!  In February!

Below are pictures of the Porte Cochere.  I had to look this one up!  I had never heard of it when Jan told me what this area was called.  So here is the true dictionary meaning:

It is French for "coach door". It's original (1698) meaning was for a porch-like structure at an entrance to a building where a horse and carriage can pass through. It has been expanded to refer to a roofed structure that covers a driveway or at the entrance of a building that provides shelter for people entering or exiting a vehicle. A porte chochere is different from a carport in that vehicles do not park under them. In western culture, "porte cochere" is often spelled and pronounced "porta cache".

Things are just starting to pop up in the gardens.  Jan and Bob have many plans for the outside areas.  I can't wait to visit next year and take more pictures!  I just have to add, while the house is gorgeous, the real draw to McKinney is to spend time with my dearest, oldest friend, Jan.  I don't have a blood sister, but I have been blessed with the next best thing! 

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Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Nan, what a gorgeous place! A lot of the historic homes in the south have a porte cochere so I had heard that term. Isn't it a fun word to say? :)
I was just reading through some comments on one of the first posts I did on my son's room and I realized you asked if I was still doing a bee theme in my office. I'm not sure just, yet. I had a pillow in mind for that room with a cute bee on it, but the green in the pillow isn't great with my new chair in there, so I didn't buy it after all. So not sure just, yet. :)



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