Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Day 9 
3 0   P A I N T I N G S   I N   3 0   D A Y S

There is an exhibition coming up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin that will be held in the Cedarburg Art Museum.  It's an exhibition called, 
"The Doors of Cedarburg" 
and the exhibitors will be selected by a jury committee headed by Tom Lidtke, retired executive director of the Museum of Wisconsin Art.  

That's the scary part.  The two words  - "jury committee"

   The submission form reads, "Artists working in a variety of media are invited to explore and interpret the diverse architectural heritage of our community with art works that have as their predominant subject, a doorway found in the city or town of Cedarburg."  Each artist is allowed to enter up to 4 pieces for the jury.  The accepted artwork will be on display and for sale from November 19th to February 22nd with a small portion of each sale going to the museum.  Ribbons will be awarded for Best of Show, 1st place, 2nd place, and Honorable Mention.  

So that's what I'm working on.  It's a scary thing for me because this is REALLY putting yourself out there.  But . . . here goes.  I started on my first entry today - the door of an old victorian mansion right on the main street in downtown Cedarburg, on Washington Avenue.  I'm doing it in pen/ink and maybe a light watercolor wash.  I have a long way to go but this will have to suffice for my 30 in 30 entry for today.  I'd also like to try an oil entry.

Thanks for looking!


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