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Last week my book group girls came over for a night of crafting and we made a bunch of little gift enclosures. Evidence of a fun night:
While we were working away, we had snacks from little "sour cream" style snack containers.  I made them with regular scrapbooking paper and my sewing machine.  
 Just decide how large you want your snack packs to be and go from there.  Ours were made from paper cut to about 5" x 7".  Just roll the rectangle into a tube and glue down the seam to secure.
Then, using your sewing machine, just press down one end of each "tube" and sew across.
You can do all your tubes at once.  Just do a lock stitch at each end of each tube, and then leave about an inch of thread and go onto the next.  When you finish sewing one edge of each tube shut, snip the threads between each tube.
Fill each tube with goodies - up to about an inch or so from the top.
Then, at the opposite of the sewn end, fold the tube the opposite way and then put THAT end through the sewing machine.  

Or . . . you can watch this little YouTube video that shows you how to make them too.

Then, to add to some fun conversation while we were sitting around the table, I made some paper "fortune cookies".  This time, use the two-sided, heavier cardstock craft paper.  It's much, much easier than trying to maneuver the lighter one-sided paper.  
Find a can in your pantry that is approximately 3 1/2" across.  Use that as your template for the circles you'll need.  Trace one circle for each "cookie" you want to make.
 Then, cut them out.
 Fold the circle in half and pinch it towards the bottom.
Then use your other hand to pull the other sides together.  Put a little dap of hot glue on the spine of the fold and hold it shut until it's dry.  Once it's dry you can slip a little fortune inside. 
You can find fortune ideas all over the internet and print them out.  A sample of what you can find is here 
You'll want to leave a bit of the fortune sticking out so it's easy to grab without ruining the "cookie" (since they could be reused at a later date).
A fun way to add some spark to the conversation at a gathering of crafters, or a Valentine dinner!  It creates laughter and great memories.

Remember . . .

"The joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days!"

***This nice lady from YouTube can show you how she did it in case you're confused with my description.   She uses double sided tape instead of hot glue.  

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