Friday, February 10, 2012


Do YOU keep a file of old magazine pages showing things that YOU would like to make?  Or a box of photos that INSPIRE you and give you great ideas?  Last night, I was looking through an old Cottage Style magazine.  I can tell by many of the photos I chose today, that I have flowers on the brain.  It must be February!  When I see this photo, it reminds me that I need to get my inspiration photos out of the box and up on the wall.
I have some little clips and twine that would make this work in my sewing room.  If my ideas were "in my face" I would be more likely to move on them!

Some of that great Graphics Fairy clip art - all printed up and ready to go - would be a good idea.

Sweet little ruffly dress for a bar chair.

A pretty set-up for a cheerful painting. 

Lush peonies on a stack of beautiful fabric.  This photo screams "spring time"!
I love the color and texture in this photo.  Orange and turquoise in front of that beautifully carved frame.

These colors are so fresh.  Sweet Peas will have to be on my list of garden plants for next summer.

I like the arrangement of these three similar drawings.  All the framed artwork in this house had these colors in common.  I'm a person who loves lots of color - the monotone look is a little too serious for me.  But I think one room done this way would be pretty. 

And THIS s the crown jewel of this post, for me.

I just love this simple little table runner!  It looks like it's made of muslin and the birds on a branch are either stenciled or stitched.  Either way would work.  Wouldn't this be a pretty table setting for a spring brunch complete with your first bundle of peonies in a tall vase?
And do you see that little "lipped" tray on the buffet in the background?  Sitting on those tiny little "feet"?

And that table runner idea ( I do love anything with the bird theme) led me to this unique clutch purse. 
 This is from an Etsy shop called ClutchThat.  From what I can see, she's no longer in business, but I wanted to credit her with this little gem.  

However,  I do think "I could make that"!  So could you!  Check out Martha Stewart's video on making your own clutch purse here.

My mind is swirling with ideas.  

It's going to be a great day!

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