Friday, February 3, 2012


I was digging around today.  Doing lots of sorting, and pulling, and pitching.  In my stack of favorite pictures torn from magazines, I found a few to share.  Some go back to 2003.   The names of the magazines have been carelessly torn away, but I know that Country Home and Martha Stewart deserve a lot of the credit.   Here are ten of my favorites from the pile.

A great little tub caddie.  It would be so simple to make!
 These would be good for organizing supplies in my work room.  Just old tin cans with wire handles attached and some colorful labels from the Graphics Fairy.
Several years ago I was inspired by this photo.  I still love it!  I painted an antique commode a similar color and I vowed to someday do a painting like the one above it.  It's unexpected and whimsical - and I love it! 
 A pretty table setting for an Easter or May Day table.
 What looks like an old ledger is really a plate!  And the clock is a plate!  And the bookplate is a plate!  Wouldn't it be easy to take some great graphics from the Graphics Fairy and apply them to the back of a smooth glass platter or plate?  I'd like to make a bunch of those clocks and have a New Year's Eve dinner party!  I have to try this!
 I just like this.  That's all.
 This trellis is made from "rebar" or reinforcement bar - used for reinforcing concrete and masonry structures.  So it's strong stuff.  Probably a little hard to bend on my own . . . but I can think of a few friends who might be willing to help me coax some of this into an arbor . . . one in particular . . .
 THIS I could make!  What a great accent in a garden!  
 This would be a fun project.  I'd paint the wood and distress it.  And use a different fabric to cover it.  But I love the deep tufting and the nailhead trim.  I could do that.
 And totally changing gears . . . little tooth fairy pillows from Martha Stewart!  And the "Counting Sheep Pillow" in the background.  This would be a good project for a get-together of grandmas!  Just look at those stitched feet on the bears and the molars on the pockets!  
So, those are just some of the ideas that are floating around in my head tonight.

There just aren't enough hours in the day.  I thought when I retired from teaching I'd have all the time I'd ever need.

Not so.  

I need longer days.


Veronica said...

Your inspiration ideas are fabulous! Love that little bird house!

SuzyMcQ said...

I have wanted to decoupage on plates forever and have done quite a bit of research to find suppliers. Here is a link to a US company that makes an incredible array of styles and even has seconds. I think if I had a fellow crafter that lived close to me who would share the shipping costs I would go for it!

Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm going to save some cans to make the hanging vintage looking ones, they are too cute!

Tricia Marie said...

I love going through old magazines, its great inspiration. Thanks for posting your favorites.

Brigitte @ Evolution of a home said...

well, that makes two of us!! where do the days go?! I now have 15 projects all in a line like on a runway...yikes! LOVE the plate idea! And that graphics fairy, what would we do without her!



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