Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last year I did some posts on all the renovations at Jan and Bob's house in McKinney, Texas.  This time I have photos of their finished landscaping project.  I'm sure when spring blooms in McKinney, these shrubs and trees are going to fill out beautifully and it will look like a true Eden!

So, here's a walk through the garden with their dog, Molly!
I could hear this fountain bubbling away at night through the open window.  Beautiful!
This is the entry to the breakfast room.
 A view from the front patio.
Coming from Wisconsin in January, the green grass sure looked good.
 Molly loves the yard!  She wanders around all day - always with some little stuffed animal or toy hanging from her mouth. 
 The last photo is a whimsical one.  Tigger, the family cat, is a little camera shy - but how many cats do you know who have their owners build them a warm little cave to retreat to after their night-time wanderings?  And if you look at the bottom of the quilt, you can see a cord coming out of the cave - that's right - this little nest even has a heating pad!!!  
I'm not the only one who is pampered at the Barstads!


Di said...

Just beautiful, love those gardens. Di@cottage-wishes

auntiejenni said...

omigosh...i just finished wandering happily through those gardens and came down to the word ribbon and my heart stopped! by the time i started in and read and then went a little further to the entire rolls of ribbon that were snagged for only $1 and then to have you girls sweeten them up with stamping...i could hardly breathe! heart was filled with ribbon lust and THEN to see that you're giving them away with the HARE VALENTINES that i ADORE and the special something that you've added to sweeten the pot....well....i'm sooooo excited! you girls did so amazingly good...and i have every single part of me that is remotely crossable....crossed. thank you for such a beautiful post and for the chance to win. (i hope, i hope, i hope.....i sooooo hope!)

auntiejenni said...

ohman....i didn't leave my address: could you possibly reach me if i win? gasp! thanks again!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what a gorgeous yard, the grass is so pretty it looks fake and Molly is one lucky dog.....Well not as lucky as the family cat!


Suzanne said...

Gorgeous garden!! Lovely ribbon too. I'm a follower,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness how beautiful !!! I LOVE their garden and I love their puppy !!
I bet you had the best time ever!



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