Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We had such a fun time making ornaments last night.  I figured it would be a rather quiet evening, with everyone concentrating on making just the right folds etc.    You know . . . Christmas music playing softly in the background . . .  people nibbling on cookies here and there as they busily, quietly, and thoughtfully worked on their creations.   Well, not so!  It was one of the most laughter invoking, disorderly evenings I've had in a long time!    If this had been my classroom - a few people would have had to have a SEVERAL time-outs, or even a trip to the principal's office.  But when the principal is one of the culprits, what can you do?  

No one wanted their faces shown in the pictures.  Imagine that.  But, here's the workspace!
Add a ton of glitter and you get the idea . . . 

 So, here's a run-down of the spoils of the evening.  It's fairly self-explanatory, so I'll just show photos of the steps and then let the pictures do the talking.  The great graphics came from The Graphics Fairy,
of course!
Ornament #1

Ornament #2
Ornament #3
Santa Claus How-To1. Fold a 4-inch stick of puffy red chenille inside a 7-inch one. Tuck in a 1 1/2-inch piece of wooden stick for a face. About a third of the way down, twist a 4-inch chenille stick once around to make arms; wrap torso with a 10-inch stick.
2. For the feet, loosely wrap narrow black chenille stick around a pair of needle-nose pliers, then shape coil into boots. Use bits of white pipe cleaner and white craft glue to add the details to his suit. A cotton ball supplies his beard and hat.

Ornament #4
Snowman How-To1. Fold a standard pipe cleaner in half. Slide a wooden bead over the fold for a head, leaving a loop at the top. For the arms, twist a 3-inch pipe cleaner once under the bead; then wind a full pipe cleaner around the torso, below the arms.
2. Shape the hat from a 6-inch strip of narrow black chenille that has been wrapped around a pencil.
3. Use hot glue to attach wire-tinsel skates; crimp up the feet for the best bond. Draw in a face with a felt-tip pen. Add a cane and a striped chenille scarf, and off he glides.

The last one was the favorite of everyone.  The Anthropologie inspired Book Page Christmas Tree.
The base of the tree was made from a spool and a wooden skewer.  This was hot glued onto a disk of cardboard for stability.  We glued a strip of glittery pipe cleaner around the edge to frame the base.  Then, of course, lots of glitter on the base.  
Lots.  Of.  Glitter.Then one by one pull the graduated squares onto the skewer, leaving a little space between each square.And there you have it!  It was a busy night (with lots of off-task time) but everyone went home with five ornaments!  Thank you ladies, for your participation!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Those are so pretty!! I love anything with book pages ~
Thank you for showing us how to pictures ~

Rose Petal Hollow said...

I love the lil tree~ how adorable.

Nuria said...

Me encanta Papa Noel y el muñeco de nieve,muy divertidos

nelda said...

Everything looks so cute! What a fun night for a group of friends.

MLK said...

The ornaments are wonderful! Wish I could have been there...sounds like you had a great time!

klk said...

Thank you for a truly WONDERFUL evening! My body is still recovering from how hard we all laughed! This will definitely be my favorite Christmas gift this year! Thank you so much!

Nan said...

We missed you, Margaret! It was so much fun. I think everyone was really primed for some craft therapy because you would have thought there would 12 women here instead of 6! We're getting together for Valentine's Day next time - I'll let you know!

Kristi S said...

Saw you over at The Graphics Fairy and wanted to let you know that ALL of these projects are beautiful. It looks like you guys had a great time!
Happy Holidays!

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

These are wonderful Nan!! That little tree is adorable!!



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