Saturday, December 3, 2011


It was a relatively warm December day here in SE Wisconsin, rainy and sloppy.  It really didn't seem much like Christmastime but we fixed that with a trip out to Monches Farm's Holiday Open House.  It was jammed!  They had hot apple cider, cheese and crackers, a fire pit all ablaze, and Christmas trees.  But, as usual, best of all was the shop filled to the brim with decorated trees and other Christmas decor.  

I'm planning a craft night with my book group friends and got some great ideas.  Here are some pictures from the day - enjoy!
 The greens are nice, but the sled they're sitting on is beautiful!
My Santos Cage Doll needs some holiday bling!
A wooden candlestick, round wooden disc, and some decoupaged script and pictures?  Great idea for a  cake plate or cupcake server, and pretty easy to make. 
 A HUGE garden fairy!
Hot apple cider inside!

These last photos show some great craft night possibilities!
Sheet music flower ornaments.
A owl encased in a glass ball.  It could be made as a snow globe . . .
An old-fashioned pine cone snowman.
The photo doesn't do this ornament justice, but it looked like a jewelry box decoupaged with some antique clip art.  I'm sure the Graphics Fairy has some old postcards that would work well.
Martha Stewart has patterns and instructions for similar houses on her website.
More Graphics Fairy clip art with some glittered details?

I'm looking forward to getting back out to Monches next spring.  But for now, I have some decorating and crafting to do!  
There are only 22 days until Christmas!

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