Friday, December 16, 2011


It's been a unseasonably warm fall and early winter here in my part of Wisconsin.  Every day, when I listen to the weather report, I hope to see a HUGE SNOWSTORM coming our way.  So far, no luck.  While I'm wrapping Christmas gifts today I'll be listening to this guy - one of my favorites!  So click it and scroll so you can enjoy it too!  (Did YOU know that Andrea Bocelli played the flute?)
I'm looking at these ideas from Martha Stewart:

I'll also be looking through my boxes of trim scraps and ribbons to use for embellishments.

One of the gifts I'll be working on are pins made of bridal-type fabric swatches.  They're so easy to put together.  Just cut out some graduated size circles, melt the edges a bit over a candle - just enough to seal the raw edges, no more!  Then pile them up and tack them together.  Then just put a little gem or antique earring in the center, a pin on the back, and you're done!  This one was wrapped up and given to a good friend yesterday.
It will look beautiful on her!
Then, I dug into my box of trims, papers, and charms and designed my own brown paper package tied up with string.
The little vellum banner, easily printed on your home computer, reads - "Merry Christmas dear friend!"
 Add a little charm that says it all.

So, head over to the fabric store and pick out some remnant trims and lace.  Make the package look as special as the person you're giving it to!

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Priscilla said...

Oh, be still my heat - What could be better. Andrea Bocelli playing the flute! Who knew. Isn't he just gorgeous?
Thank you



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