Friday, December 9, 2011


A good book + good friends + Christmas = Book Group Christmas Dinner

Last night my book group celebrated Christmas with our Annual Christmas Dinner/Book Group Meeting.  Over a beautiful dinner, we discussed a really good book that gave a lot of insight into the early married life of Ernest Hemingway through the eyes of his first wife.  It is a fictional book, but based on real events according to writings of his first wife, Hadley.  

In addition to the usual discussion of the month's chosen book, we bring another book - this one wrapped in plain newsprint, to exchange with each other.  So, you never know what new book you'll be bringing home with you that night.  This is followed by a gift exchange and this year I made mittens.  I wanted to use felted sweaters but I had too much trouble finding enough wool sweaters in the colors I would need to go with all their coats - so I opted for stretchy fleece instead.  So here are a few photos of the mittens I brought last night . . .

You can watch a very informative little video that will show you how to make the mittens by clicking here - pattern pieces are available at this site also.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we're off to Chicago!  It should be VERY festive down there with just 15 days until Christmas!  We'll be having lunch in The Walnut Room in Macy's again (so we can see the tree fully decorated) and stopping in at The Painted Lady.  Of course, pictures will follow . . .

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