Monday, March 24, 2014


This was the last day of the workshop with DREAMA TOLLE PERRY and what a great day it was!  The morning started out with an informative question and answer session with Dreama, followed by a fun exercise called "Musical Easels", and ending with an afternoon of putting all our newfound knowledge to work with a painting of our choice.  We learned so much at this workshop, along with a huge dose of inspiration to go home and PAINT!  

For "musical easels", we were all given a photo of a colorful cupcake.  We attached the photo to our own easel, set up our palettes, blocked in our painting, and the music began.  We got about 2-4 minutes at each easel adding to the painting as we saw fit.  When the music stopped, we moved on to the next easel.  The end results were surprisingly wonderful.  The one with the red polka-dot cupcake liner and a strawberry on top was my favorite.  When we were done, Dreama's husband walked in with several dozen beautiful cupcakes for the class.  While this might not seem like much of an exercise, it truly was.  We were all surprised at how eagerly and easily we changed things on a painting that was NOT ours, which naturally led to feeling more bold about making changes in a painting.

For my afternoon painting I used one of my favorite photos - the Ruby Horse Barn in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  

And one more journal post for today.  Thinking of how Kentuckians love their horses, made me think of what's roaming around in the fields of Wisconsin . . . cows.  I think we love painting our cows as much as they love painting their horses!

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