Sunday, March 23, 2014


Painting from 9:30 to 4:00 again!  It was a great day of learning about color, mixing, technique, and brush strokes.  It's challenging but very fun - tiring but exhilarating - all at once.  In Dreama's own words, "How do we start, how do we keep colors lively, how do we use our brush as an extension of us? And then, after we have been painting awhile, the other questions that begin to surface… to stay excited, how to grow in our work, how to photograph your work, what about a website…..lots of things to look at! The one ingredient that will be present in each of my workshops is my passion to excite, motivate, and inspire you to find the true joy of expressing life through your painting."

She covers it all!

Then . . . 

It was a little crisp today, but beautiful and sunny!  So, we followed up a full day in the workshop with a drive out in the country passing horse farm after horse farm.  Beautiful, rolling, narrow country roads, lined with towering oaks on both sides and miles and miles of fence line enclosing each property.  Many of the farms have majestic, stone entrances bearing the name of the farm.  They're really quite beautiful.  Names like, Three Chimneys Farm, Lane's End Farm,  and Magdalena.  The whole city of Lexington is surrounded by the farms that care for and train some of the greatest racing horses in the world.

So, two journal pages for tonight.

Equal time.

Tomorrow we are to bring all our art related questions for an all group discussion led by Dreama and our OWN photo for our 3rd painting when we'll receive one on one time on how to develop that work and get more good advice on developing our own style. The last two days have been so inspirational - I know the last day will be more of the same. 

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Sandra said...

This is so special.
Thanks for sharing
Love from South Africa



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