Tuesday, July 24, 2012


There's a website I like to look at called Daily Paintworks.  It's a site where artists can join with other artists, paint "together", critique each others' work, and even sell their work.  They also host "challenges" where a topic is chosen and then everyone paints their version, photographs it, and then uploads it onto the site for all to see.  Some challenges are ongoing, some are a one-time deal.  Here are three of the challenge categories that I would like to enter and some of my own photos that I would paint from.

 White on White
Taken at home with my grandmother's platter, a small pitcher,  and a "Lime Light Hydrangea" from my garden.  The rule for this one is, 85% white.

Up Close Animal
Taken in the country, on the way to Monches Farm and at the Wisconsin State Fair last summer.

Paint It Primary
I took this on a small island off Captiva.  The first one is the original color, the second one is with the color altered to be a little more aqua.  I loved the way the little boy was fascinated with his shadow in the sand.  I would take some liberties by adding some red to his shorts to qualify for the primary color category.

Yesterday, I thought I had it all sorted out.

Now to choose . . .


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Three dandies to choose from! Love them all, but I'm thinking you'll have to remove one leave from the hydrangea to meet the 85% . he he he Enjoy! :)

Judy said...

Love the plate, pitcher and hydrangea. Could anything be more beautifully creamy white than that?



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