Monday, July 23, 2012


Guess who's going to Boston?  Lloyd II will be leaving my Etsy shop and heading out tomorrow morning.  He is a little apprehensive and it shows, but he'll be fine.  So I spent part of the day getting him ready to go. 

Au revoir, Lloyd! 
Then I picked up a couple new canvases and got ready to paint by taking some photos of flowers from my garden.  Even more than the flowers, I'm looking forward to the challenge of painting the jar of water.  These are in an empty mayonnaise jar.  I love the distortion of the stems underwater, and the little changes in color from above, to surface, to under the water.  We'll see how that goes . . .
 A photo taken from above allows you to see so much more of the water and an interesting view of the stems.  That, along with the sparkle of the glass and the ridges around the rim should be pretty challenging!
 There are lots of different blues, grays, and greens in that water. 
 And so much beautiful detail in these flowers!

I like to crop out individual flowers in different positions and stages of opening so I can get a close-up view of all the colors and shadows.  The photo below really shows good detail of the dark green, overlapping bracts zinnias have, under the flower head.

Zinnias have little "disk" flowers in the center, and "ray" petals around the outside.  To make it realistic it all has to be there.
My canvas for this is large - 24" x 30" - so the flowers are going to be WAY bigger than life!

And just one photo of a large part of my garden.

Just because.
 So, tomorrow will be a painting day.




Can't wait!


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

I LOVE the pic of your garden and cottagey fence... and we love zinnias! It started with a James Marshall quote "My zinnias!!!" and then when we saw the flowers we just had to plant them. Love all of the different colours... especially the bright pink ones with the mini yellow bits in the centre.

Anyway, bon voyage Lloyd II and have a wonderful paintpalooza tomorrow! :)

Nan said...

Thank you Tracy! Tomorrow will be such a fun day!



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