Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been doing some drawing. 

I've been focusing mostly on two subjects - pears and angels.  Pears are such a great subject for drawing - they seem to actually have little personalities.   Depending on how they're positioned and which way their stems are going, they almost seem to be having little conversations with each other.  When I draw pears, first I take a photo of them. 
 Then I change it from color to black and white - that helps me get the shading right.  I'm a beginner at this and that really helps!
Then . . . to draw . . . and the time just melts away!

Then, a while back, I did a post on a little trip we took to a local cemetery to get some pictures of angels statues. 
 Some of those ended up in drawings also . . .
The eyes are pretty creepy on this one - need to work on that!

So that's what I've been up to lately.

Now to put away my pencils and paper and switch gears.  My suitcase is packed (3/4 craft supplies and 1/4 clothing) and I'm ready to work on some other crafts in McKinney with Jan and a bunch of her friends!

The next post will be coming from McKinney, Texas!

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bearkis said...

Very nice drawings,they bring me inspiration!!!Have a good day!



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