Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm getting in the mood to paint again.

 This got me thinking about the paintings I currently have at The Painted Lady-Chicago.  It was almost exactly a year ago when we drove down to the shop to drop off some paintings, so I thought I'd put up a post showing the ones that have sold in that shop over the last year.  

A nice thing about selling on Etsy is that you know who your buyers are since you mail the purchased items to them yourself.  However, when things are sold from an actual shop somewhere, you have no idea where they go!  I would love to know where these paintings landed . . . who bought them . . . where they are hanging now!  It's fun to know that someone liked them enough to buy them for their home!

However, that information will have to remain a mystery to me.

Meanwhile . . . I recently came across a long and narrow canvas that would be perfect for a spot in my kitchen, so today I painted a canvas for myself.  My kitchen is painted a soft green with cream colored cabinets.  The adjoining family room is brown and cream, so I used colors that would go with both rooms.  Most of the time, the artwork you see in kitchens has to do with a still life of fruits and vegetables, or farm animals.  I think a painting of flowers for the kitchen is a little unexpected, cheerful,  and happy.  I had a skinny space between the counter and the cupboards that was perfect for this canvas.  Besides, I've been anxious to use some new painting supplies that my son and his wife gave me for Christmas!

This is good stuff!  The colors are really intense and blend beautifully.

Now, to bundle up.  The temperatures are not getting out of the single digits today and I need to go to the grocery store - my book group girls are coming tonight.  On cold, winter days like today, everyone loves a little comfort food!

I knew I should have gone to the store yesterday . . .

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Veronica said...

Beautiful paintings Nan! If I was you, I would also wonder where the paintings are hanging. They are actually a part of you.
The one you've done for your kitchen is really pretty and summery. Hope it's warming you in the chilly weather. When you say 'single digits' I have to remind myself that you are talking 'Fahrenheit' - so it's even colder than I would imagine it as I think in celcius. Brrrr.
Keep warm! v

Tamara @ Trashury said...

hehe, i also had to look at the chart to see if you're talking about fahrenheit and what this actually means in celsius.. wish we would have this here now, then all this rain would be snow *dreaming*

well, what i wanted to say is, that you're really gifted! I like your paintings, how the colors combine into something bigger in these flowers.. great!



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