Tuesday, January 17, 2012


After weeks and weeks of a winter without it, the snow has finally arrived.  We had about 6 inches fall a few days ago and today we're getting 3 more.  It's beautiful - but it does cover up any hint of grass and earth.  

For a long, long time.  

Well, I was paging through a decorating magazine the other day and saw this.
 Remember, last year at this time I grew "Cat Grass" and not only did it look wonderful but it smelled great too - especially when you trimmed it.
So I decided it was time to take the candy canes and santas out of their glass containers and get something green going again.  My inspiration came from these photos.  Most of them were from an old 2009 Country Living Magazine.
So while the wind is blowing, and the snow and temperature are falling . . . I'm getting out some containers . . 
and some plants . . .
and putting little bits of summer throughout the house.

It's a perfect day to light some candles, pour a cup of coffee, and nestle in.  

Just me . . . and Norma.  

On days like this, she gets extra attention!

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Bama Girl said...

Nan, your photos are beautiful! I love the way the plants look inside the cloches! It's like a breath of Spring! You could even grow herbs or bean sprouts, if you choose. Blessings from Bama!



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