Sunday, January 29, 2012


There are some great crafters in Texas!

One of the things Jan and I have been looking forward to the most during my visit, was a fun night of "making stuff" with her friends here in McKinney.  Jan has been a part of these nights on her visits to Wisconsin, but this time the creating was happening in her home.

I met seven lovely ladies tonight and we took on some great projects together.   

But before they arrived, Jan and I had some setting up to do.  We put together a stack of supplies at each place along with an instruction sheet for making gift enclosures and envelopes out of scrapbooking paper.   
 We also made tags for everyone wound with hand stamped "ribbon".  (More on that on another post.)
 You can download this envelope template here, and size it to fit your needs.
 All set . . .
A sample pack of gift enclosures, tied up with ribbon and a linen rose. 
 Everyone is here . . .
 so after a great dinner together we got right to work.
 Just look at the concentration on these faces!
 A pretty little ribbon rose.
And next . . . dressing up some plain wooden hangers to make a guest room extra special.  We painted them with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, lightly sanded them, and then stamped some pretty french words onto one "arm" of the hangers.
 I tried to remember to take lots of pictures in the middle of it all but I sure wish I'd gotten a picture of everyone's beautiful hangers all piled up together.  But here's a look at a few of them.
Everything would look pretty hanging on one of these . . .
 Just choose some pretty French words representing clothing and your guest room closet will look like no other!
 So that's it for tonight!  Thank you to Cindy P., Pam, Terri, Cindy L., Cathy, Sharon, and Mitzi for coming to Jan's tonight!  And a huge thank you to Jan for opening her home to ALL of us (and to her husband, Bob, for putting up with all this crafting business)!  

What a fun night - I truly enjoyed meeting every one of you.  I especially enjoyed listening to all those great southern accents all evening long!   I'm looking forward to next winter and another night of creating together!

(Cindy . . . you should stop in Brookfield on your way to Door County next summer!  I'm serious!)


Cindy Pratt said...

Thanks Nan and Jan - I was one of the LUCKY gals at the crafting party! It was fantastic and I came home with some teriffic inspiration and fab crafts! Take it to the next level, Nan!

Nan said...

Thank you to YOU, Cindy! We had fun, didn't we?



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