Friday, November 4, 2011


What a great day!  Norma and I started out the day with a lesson, then Bob and I were on our way to Chicago by 11:00 AM.  We arrived at The Painted Lady on Damen about an hour and a half later.  If you click here, you can see a nice 360 degree view of the store.  We dropped off the four paintings from yesterday's post and got some ideas for some other art we'll take down in time for Christmas.  More on that another time.  We went from the shop to Macy's (wish it was still Marshall Fields) for a late lunch in . . .
Delicious!!!!  The Christmas season will be officially open tomorrow, so there was all kinds of activity getting the big tree ready for the crowds that will be lined up outside The Walnut Room!  We got right in today - but tomorrow - some people will wait hours for a table by the tree!
 The huge 45 foot tree is surrounded by many smaller trees and will be officially lit at noon tomorrow, complete with Katharine McPhee singing holiday songs.  The theme this year is 
"Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" and there are banners all over the store reading, "Believe".  
There is a special red mailbox for children to send their wish lists off to Santa -
complete with a "Believe Meter" nearby!
Just your typical holiday shoppers . . . roaming around Macys.  (They were actually representing MAC cosmetics and very ready to pose for us!)
Our visit wouldn't be complete without a visit to the children's book area!
Then on to Millennium Park.
This hardly looks real, but it was.
A very quiet Pritzker Pavilion.
 Cloud Gate
 It was such a beautiful day - warm, sunny, and no wind.  Everywhere you looked, people were taking pictures and we did the same!
"The Bean" brings out the kid in everyone!
And a wonderful twisted view of the Chicago Skyline!
Proof of how beautiful the weather was - yes, he's barefoot!
That's it - until we're back again in December.  We have to have lunch under that huge Christmas Tree when ALL the ornaments are in place and maybe some snow is in the air!


Priscilla said...

Looks like you found your "inner-child" and had a great time in the "big city"!
I'll bet you really miss Marshall Fields. Macy's seem to come into cities and buy up lovely old department stores, turning them into cooky cutter palaces of mediocracy.
I'm so thankful for Nordstrom's. They have always had a policy of saving their Christmas decorations and promotions until after Thanksgiving. I hope they never sell out to Macy's.

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

What fun! That tree is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Veronica said...

Amazing pictures! Sounds like fun. Love the paintings you to to The Painted Lady. What a beautiful shop. She sells lovely things! I can imagine why your paintings fit right in.
I even looked 'up' in the 306 degree view - even the ceiling is gorgeous!



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