Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I just finished making another felted wool nest pillow for my "ring bearer pillow" customer from here.   It's going to be a birthday gift for her mom and is reserved for her in my etsy shop, Gillyflower Cottage.  These colors are completely different from any I've done in the past - so pretty!
Brown for the pillow itself, burnt orange for the flowers, green for the leaves, and green wool roving that will be needle-felted onto the pillow for the branches.
 I cut a variety of sizes for the flowers.  Larger circles make nice full flowers and the smaller circles look like little buds.
 Just cut the circles into spirals.
These are the same size circles - just cut differently.  I only circled around about three times on the left circle, and about 6 times on the right circle.  Fewer times around gives you a much looser flower.
 Here's the flower from the left cut circle.
 And, here's the flower from the right.
To finish off the flowers, put a little pile of hot glue on the bottom of the flower.
Then put the bottom of the flower onto the glue and let it dry.
 Then I took the green roving, my needle-felting tool, and the background fabric.  I felted in some random "branches".
 You might want to try several arrangements with the flowers and some leaves - remembering to leave room for the nest and bird somewhere in the design.
 Love the texture in these pillows!
 For the nest, I used some 2" strips of burlap.  I ironed the edges in, then folded them to the inside and ironed it one more time.  
 Then wind it up loosely so there's room for the eggs.
The eggs are made by rolling a little roving into a ball and needle-felting it into a nice little egg shape.  Just keep punching away and eventually it will be a solid egg!
Tomorrow . . . I'll finish it up and take more pictures!


Shelly @A Creative Space said...

I am looking forward to the finished product! It looks fantastic so far. :)

Josh Healy said...

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