Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's time for another craft night with the girls and I'm looking at these three trees from Anthropologie.  These are pretty small photos, but if you go to Anthropologie's site here, you can get a close-up view of them. 
 32" Shaggy Felt Tree - $148
(made of wool, wire, and wood)
30" Curled Paper Tree - $128 
(made of wool, wire, and wood)

But . . .

the tree below is the least expensive AND - it's my favorite.  It looks so soft, like it's right out of a fairy tale.  I still have not figured this one out, but I think you could make a slim cone out of cardboard, and then use merino wool roving to make the wispy "branches". 
11.5" Wispy Felt Tree - $24
(made of cotton, styrofoam, bark, and wire)

You could make a beautiful little Christmas scene with several of these trees and a little book page house - all tucked under a large cloche!  So, I was googling around for a book page house and one of my own photos from last Christmas came up!  Perfect!
Now, to schedule a night with the girls . . .

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she dreams big! said...

You ARE going to share how to make these trees, right? Please? Pretty please?



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