Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Indian Summer is happening in our corner of the world.  It's beautiful!  Crisp mornings, sunny and clear afternoons, and crisp nights.  We've had some light frosts so quite a few of the flowers have been nipped.  I had lunch with a fellow retired teacher friend today and thanks to her prompting (Thank you Marji!) I thought I'd take one more trip out to the garden to take some photos of what survived before I start to pull them up and put the garden to bed for the long, snowy, blustery winter ahead.   The weatherman just predicted a very snowy winter, so this year, every day will be a "snow day"!
 I made these guys a long time ago and they are one of my favorite door decorations.  They're just made of plywood, painted with acrylic paints, then sprayed with clear polyurethane for protection.  i tried to replicate the old Halloween cats found on vintage postcards.
They have wire whiskers that are pulled through some small holes drilled by the nose.
  I love white pumpkins but they're so much more expensive than the orange ones.  I got around that by painting an orange one and rubbing a little Old English Scratch Cover all over it to warm the color up a bit.  Who knows - that may just help preserve it a little longer too!  I think I need to put a little something on the front of the pumpkin, though.  Maybe paint something?  I do love the shadow on the right side!  Look carefully . . . do you see the witch with her hat blowing away?  I planned that!
(Just kidding!)

 The birds have left the nest inside . . . they probably thought it was haunted.  It sure LOOKS haunted! I guess that works for October but a fresh coat of paint is in order.
 This is one of my favorites because of its heart shaped leaves - Brunnera Macrophylia.  It blooms with brilliant blue baby's breath-like flowers in the early spring, and then develops much larger leaves as the summer moves on.  It needs no care whatsoever and always looks beautiful.  You can also get this plant with variegated leaves.
One of the last roses of summer . . . 
Those zinnias are so hardy - they're some of that last ones to give up!
 This pink hydrangea tripled in size this summer!
This is a good old-fashioned Cleome - it game to the garden all on its own - a volunteer from last year's crop.
 And last of all, especially at this time of year, we can't forget to look up at the trees!  This is one of the trees in our front yard - so gorgeous and majestic!

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Priscilla said...

Great door.
We had snow in our mountains this morning.
Loving Autumn.

Veronica said...

Beautiful photos Nan. Does your garden simply recover again after the snow? Do the plants go dormant and pop up again in Spring? Your Autumn leaves are so lovely too! It has been a bit chilly here this past week - hopefully that's the last of the cold fronts still struggling up-country. Sunday the weather seems to be warming up again nicely. Yay!

All That Glitters said...

I love your porch and beautiful whimsical decor! I want one of those cats, too!

Happy Fall!

Kelli said...

Love your door idea on your blog. I'd love for you to stop over and link up some of yours on my Halloween Link up! I'd appreciate it.

Happy Halloween!!




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