Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last winter I posted about my son's battle with testicular cancer.  Andy is an avid cyclist and so he focused on raising money for the Livestrong Foundation as he went through chemotherapy.  In the end, he raised almost $34,000 for cancer research! 

Well, last weekend was the culmination of all his efforts.  First and foremost, he is now cancer-free!  To celebrate that fact we traveled to Austin, Texas to watch him take part in the Ride For The Roses with Lance Armstrong.  Andy had the second highest fund-raising total, and this earned him a private ride with Lance, along with dinner at Lance Armstrong's home in Austin where Andy was a guest speaker. Here are some photos from that inspiring - and emotional - weekend!
 Andy, ready to ride.
His hard-earned yellow jersey.
Lance Armstrong, ready to ride with the participants.
 It was pretty emotional, seeing Andy "move to the right" 
as he came in to the finish line.
 Andy and his good friend Ryan, after 90 miles 
on the road, greeting his wife, Kate.
These two have endured quite a bit for a young, married couple - so happy for them to be at this side of the battle!

And THAT is our happy ending!


SuzyMcQ said...

Such a cute couple, what a testament to commitment and fortitude. A HUGE HOORAY to all!!!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on a happy day! I am sure that love, perseverance, fortitude and faith has helped your son conquer this disease. What a wonderful way to celebrate his accomplishment. How wonderful that you could all be there.

The Barn Door said...

How wonderful and inspiring!! Congratulations!!!!

Rhissanna said...

Inspiring and brave! Thank you for sharing. And yes, they make one goodlookin' couple!

Veronica said...

So wonderful that your son has triumphed over this disease! Congrats to you and your family!



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