Sunday, October 2, 2011


It was a beautiful, crisp autumn day in our corner of the world!  Perfectly blue sky, trees starting to turn, and the whole afternoon ahead of us to take a drive in the country and visit Monches Farm in the fall.  This weekend they celebrated their Fall Festival so there were artists set up outside the shop, a bagpiper in the gardens, and gourds and pumpkins everywhere.  Today's photos were taken on the drive to Monches and outside pictures of the "farm". 

This guy was tired - he had played for two days straight!
Below . . . so many different kinds of gourds and pumpkins!
I've wanted to try making these bird baths for quite a while.  This should be a project for a craft day get-together with some friends next summer1
And, last but not least, look at these great cows!   We just had to stop and take a few photos - they'll be a great reference for painting.   Just look at these faces!
When we drove up, they were all lying down.  I walked up to the fence, and one by one, they all came up to greet me - very curious, but extremely cautious.  This guy above was kind of their leader - he got the closest of all.  I think they were just afraid of getting zapped by the electric fence because they all stood about one foot away from the fence.  However, one brave guy did try to be friendly and stepped forward just a tad too far.  He jumped back pretty quickly after getting a little jolt!  

Why do they always look so surprised?  Maybe it's the fence . . . ?

I love these two guys!

See?  He's staring at that barbed wire, electrified fence!

Tomorrow I'll be posting some photos from inside the shop.


The Celery Stock said...

Hi Nan. Those are awesome pictures you posted. I was excited to see the stepping stones and birdbaths. I have been making them for many years. I hope you will check out my blog on hypertufa for the recipe. They are so much fun to create. I didn't get around to making a birdbath to blog as something went wrong with my rhubarb. I am hopeful to make one for my blog in the spring. If you look at my header pictures, you will see one I had completed 4 years ago with the wagon used as part of the support. You have a great blog and I enjoy your posts.

Veronica said...

Love your photos!Beautiful Autumn colours! Those cows are adorable!!



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