Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Labor Day Weekend has come and gone.  Fall is in the air.  The temperature this morning is a crisp 48 degrees!  Nothing can make me want to change things around like the breezy and cool days of fall.  

The victim.
This is a cupboard I found in the garage in our first home - 22 years ago.  It was several shades of a unique color:   
Dusty Spider Web.
The shelves were filled with old dried up paint cans, nuts and bolts etc.  I remember shuddering when I put my hands inside to pull out the contents.  It is obviously a homemade piece and looked like something that had possibilities and certainly didn't deserve to be stuck in the corner of the garage.  
I love the curvy little detail on the top.

It had no base - just sat flat on the floor.  So I made this simple little base to give it a lift and look more like a piece of furniture than a cupboard that should be wall mounted.
 Since that day it has been barn red, green, and currently, it is hand painted with flowers that represent each month.  Do you ever have a piece of furniture that you look at every day, but you never really see?  I tried to look at this piece as a visitor might see it - and all that came to mind was furniture of the 80s.
 I used this book to find beautiful little watercolors as inspiration for the monthly flora and fauna.   I love this book.  It's a copy of a hand painted diary of this young wife in England, Edith Holden.  She was born in 1801 and was a British artist and teacher.  It was a gift from my mom, which makes it a real treasure.  (Thanks again, Mom!)
 Each month has about six pages of entries that show watercolors and descriptions of what could be found in nature.  
If she were alive today . . . she would have a blog!
Edith Holden

 I took parts of the book and copied them onto my found cupboard.
This last change for my cupboard was done about 12 years ago.  I'll keep the book forever.  But the paintings on the cupboard.  No.

It's time.  

So, this is my project for the day.  After painting it with Annie Sloan's Old White, it will change places with something in our bedroom.  More on THAT later . . . meanwhile, it's time to get out the drop cloth and paintbrush!  Photos tomorrow!


Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Precious book! I think you are right, she was a Blogger before her time. I look forward to your armoir reveal..... :)

fromhousetohome said...

Oh my goodness! I remember when you painted it with the flowers! I can't wait to see what you do with it!! I'll be checking in tomorrow!

Linda said...

That is beautiful. You are so talented!



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