Saturday, September 3, 2011


August 25th was my last post.
I guess I needed a break.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and coming back for a visit!  So, I'm back with a real departure from previous posts.  I don't really bake - but - I'm baking tonight!

There's been a lot of discussion lately, amongst certain bibliophiles in my life, about the difference between a "macaroon" and a "macaron".   Since that discussion, it seems like macarons are jumping out at us wherever we go!  I have had macaroons - those cookies made with coconut.  Not so fond of coconut, so these never did interest me very much.
"Macarons", on the other hand, are quite different.  First of all, you need to pronounce it correctly and you can learn that here.  According to the dictionary, macarons are a confectionary, characterized by a smooth, domed top, ruffled circumference (known as the "foot"), and flat base.  It is mildly moist, and easily melts in the mouth.  It is commonly filled with buttercream or ganache filling sandwiched between two of the cookies.  Hmmm . . . now that sounds good!

So . . . the perfect Macaron has "feet".   There is one guy who blogged about trying to make the perfect Macaron and made them seven different times in his attempt to perfect them!!!  

Not making them seven times.

So, here is a diagram of the perfect Macaron.  This just shows you that people take this little confectionary treat very seriously!  There are diagrams! 

So, here goes.  This non-baker is going to attempt to make
The Perfect Parisian Macaron.  

I'm following a recipe by Martha Stewart found here which calls for whipping the egg whites into stiff peaks.   Soft peaks, stiff peaks!?  Well, here's proof positive that I'm not a baker.  I looked them up because I think the perfect Macaron probably needs perfect peaks in order to get feet!  This site led me right through it.

All I can say is, I sure hope my Macarons have feet.

Later . . .
 My macarons, waiting to get "dull" so they can go in the oven.
Fresh from the oven and look!  They have feet!!!  See the empty spot on the cookie sheet?  I had to test one to see if they were chewy on the inside and crisp and egg-shell-like on the outside.  And they are!  Here's a close-up of my macaron . . . complete with feet!
So, now for the filling.  I used this recipe for Chocolate Ganache filling.  
Delicious, unadulterated chocolaty goodness!
Now to complete the Parisian Macarons with their filling.

later . . .
And there she is . . . my perfect little footed
I may have to make them ONE MORE TIME just to get rid of the swirls on what should be a perfectly domed top.

Now to make sure that my bibliophilic friends get to taste them too!
 They know who they are!

P.S.  Have YOU ever made French Macarons?  I would appreciate any tips that any of you could give me!


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the occasional pat said...

They look lovely and yes I have made macarons and they were also lovely first time. The most important thing is to accurately weigh the ingredients. Please see my link
Good luck with your next batch.

Gwen said...

Mmmmm these look yummy! And I loved hearing the correct pronunciation. Nicely done.

shopannies said...

oh my these look heavenly as if they would melt in my mouth thanks for sharing will have to try them out come see me at

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! klk

Savorique said...

Congrats on making these macarons with footed shell :) But the feet are not that hard to get, what's difficult is the texture of the shell.
Did you use aged egg whites? It is said that extra humidity must be removed from the whites but letting them sit out in a towel-covered bowl for 2 days.
The whole macaronage process is tricky and critical. For more info about it, check this link with a 10 min video about making macarons and about the macaronage as well as the links included in the post.



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