Saturday, September 17, 2011


 I was cruising around some blogs this morning and saw this little tutorial on making a rose out of maple leaves.  I love the idea of using flowers and leaves for something other than the expected.
autumn crafts - maple leaf roses
This is a photo from the above link - it's so easy.  Why didn't I ever think of this?

So, here's my thought process:

(Glance out the front window at the trees) 
Our maple leaves are still on the tree.
They are big, full-grown trees.
Tree-climbing days are over.
(Look out the back window to the garden)
What plant in the garden has nice, big, pliable leaves?
We have tons of hosta.
They are reachable.
The frost will get them soon anyway.
Hosta leaves are big and pliable.
You could probably make the same thing out of hosta leaves.
A little leaf bouquet would be pretty on a gift - instead of a bow.
I need to wrap a gift for a friend.
In less than 2 hours.
Where are my scissors?

So, scissors in hand, out I went to retrieve my victims.

The rest is history.

Said victims.
Just fold in half . . . (Nice nails.  Thanks Norma.)
  . . . and roll it up.  Then just keep adding more leaves using a little dab of hot glue to hold each leaf onto the growing bundle.
 Use some open leaves to cradle the rose, snip all the stem ends even, and, voila!
A Hosta Rose!

I punched a border onto a manilla tag and we're ready to head to the party!

 I couldn't put this post up before noon because some people like to peek!
So what's in the boxes?  A little bling, and something very hare-y!

(Truly, no offense intended to Norma.  She's worth it.)

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Boom said...

Lovely!!!! Wonder how long the rose lasts....just curious. I love your pillows too. Have a nice weekend. We are having gentle rains.



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