Tuesday, November 18, 2014


In all my sorting and sifting of closets and cupboards, I came across my collection of tea cups from Great Aunt Pearl.  What a treasure and memory of such a fun lady who was full of personality.  Combine that with the online pen/ink/watercolor sketchbook course I'm in the middle of which is led by a lovely Australian woman whose love of a good cup of tea inspires her to paint many of the beautiful cups it's served in.  So I put together a listing in my shop that was inspired by this class.  A beautiful china  tea cup surrounded by meaningful text - in my case, a bit of the story of Aunt Pearl.

Do YOU have a special tea cup, piece of china, or vase etc. that tells a great story?  Send me your story (100 words or less), along with a photo of the item and I'll immortalize it in pen/ink/watercolor.

Such a unique tribute to a special person you want to remember in a really special way.  This also creates a memorable way to honor a loved one, or give it as a wedding gift featuring a watercolor of that chosen china/pottery pattern or special piece along with the little love story that led up to it.  You could even buy a new mug or teacup that would match the artwork and wrap them up together.  

You can order your own version and receive it in time for Christmas giving.
Click the photo below and check it out in my shop:

Thanks for looking!

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