Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Update! My teacup watercolor offer is now closed. I have two "takers" and since they came from different directions 
(one from Facebook and one from my blog) 
I'll be doing both of them.  However, if you REALLY want your own tea cup tale watercolor - the listing is still in my Etsy shop.  :-) 

Tomorrow is going to be a really cold day in Wisconsin - a high of 19° and windy.  A good day to stay inside and paint, and that is exactly what I plan to do.  

I'd like to paint another tea cup, but this time I'd like to paint someone else's (and tell someone else's story)!  In case you're not familiar with my tea cup tale watercolors, check it out by clicking the photo below.

I will need a photo of your special tea cup (I'm looking for a floral china tea cup here) and about a 
75-100 word story to go along with it.   But for now,  just let me know if you're interested.  We'll worry about the rest later.  Also, if you'd rather just have the tea cup painted and forget the story, that's okay too!

So, if you'd like a personalized piece like this - free of charge - please comment below.  Just tell me a bit about your tea cup and the story that goes along with it and I'll pick one to do.  My little gift to one of my readers!  Don't be shy!  Leave a comment!

(Also, tell me if you want your coffee black or with cream. ) 



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