Sunday, November 16, 2014


I just got news that I was accepted into a juried art organization.  Read more about this group below.

T H E   W I S C O N S I N   V I S U A L   A R T I S T S
Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization made up of visual artists working in a wide variety of media and also supporters of Wisconsin Art. WVA is the oldest art organization in Wisconsin. The purpose of the WVA is to promote, develop and encourage the creative visual arts in Wisconsin. WVA produces a quarterly magazine that features two Wisconsin artists in each issue. WVA sponsors the Wisconsin Artist Biennial, an exhibit open to all artist over 18 living in Wisconsin. This is a showcase of some of the best contemporary art in Wisconsin. WVA manages this website, where artist members and gallery/museum members may post their exhibits and events. WVA is one of the co-sponsors for the Wisconsin Visual Artist Lifetime Achievement Award. WVA has a growing endowment that will help to preserve our future. 

For me, that's big news, and I'm really excited to explore all this group has to offer in growing my art!

And, speaking of growing . . . in order to grow in anything, you need to practice.  So, I have attached some of my recent practice from the pages of my sketchbook.

I go through a lot of different phases.  When I start to feel a little saturated in one area, another one opens up, and all that change seems to keep things fresh for me.  Over the last week or so, I've been enjoying getting back to sketching practice using Guptill's, 

R E N D E R I N G   I N   P E N   A N D   I N K

2 comments: said...

Cangrats, and nice Post, Nan!

Jane said...

Congratulations! Enjoyed seeing your sketchbook work.



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