Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about my good friend coming from Texas.  Well, when we get together one of the things we always do is, MAKE STUFF!  So, I've been looking around for ideas and found two things we're going to try.  So, next week and there SHOULD be pictures of our efforts!

Project No 1:  We both love these pretty little clay tags that can be used on everything from furniture to packages.  So, they are definitely on the list!  One of my favorite blogs, Freckled Laundry, specializes in these.  Also, I found a great tutorial on making them here.  It's short, straightforward . . . no pictures, but it gets the job done!  So, we hope to have a boatload of these by the time we're done!

Here is just one of the beautiful tags made by Jami, of Freckled Laundry.  She sells these in her fantastic Etsy Shop which goes by the same name.

Jan and I will work on coming up with our own way of designing and displaying the tags.

Project No. 2:   This will put to use a new technique I just learned about today - using a "Blender Pen".  I'd never even heard of a blender pen before today, but it sounds pretty awesome.   You can check out the tutorial here, and the results looks like this:

Sometime next week, I'll post our creations!


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