Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make a necklace inspired by Anthropologie

As I was scrolling through the "statement" necklaces on Anthropologie's website,
I saw several I'd like to make.   I thought I'd give a combination of these two
 necklaces a try - putting the organza flower (shown in peach on the first necklace) in
the spot where the sparkly beads are on the second necklace.


 Kirsten and Gwen are willing participants and they have arrived,
beads in hand.  So, here we go!  We have not had much experience
in this area, so we hoped for the best.
We used chiffon for our flowers but the tutorial link above for organza 
flowers worked just fine.  First we cut the chiffon circles for the flowers.  
You can make your flower with as many "petals" as you wish.  
It's a very feminine touch to the necklace.  Kirsten wins with the most petals!

Then, very carefully, hold the circles close to a flame so the edges get
sealed off and a little bit curly.  Later, we stack them, sew them,
and put a few beads in the center.
Then we arrange the beads.

Slip the beads onto wire, attach the chiffon flowers, 
add some chain, and then a clasp.
Kirsten's necklace

and Gwen's . . .

and finally, mine!

One word can describe our jewelry making session today
and that would be . . .
AND, the necklaces are beautiful!!! 
We even had time to enjoy a little treat and coffee when we were done.
Thank you for such a fun morning, Kirsten and Gwen!  

Now, get ready for our next project (shown below)!
Anthropologie's Amlapura and Kuta Necklace - $198
We could make this!

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Sue said...

Adorable necklaces! It's fun to follow your porjects on this blog. As close to crafting together as we can get these days.
I can't wait to see the outcome of your next project! You could sell your goodies! Perhaps in 'Ben's Room'! We'll talk in the new year. Keep it up, but I don't need to tell YOU that!



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