Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make Soap-In-a-Coat

I couldn't wait to try making these. Felted soap is everywhere.
I first saw it at Anthropologie and now they're in many of the little specialty shops and boutiques.  

colorful inspiration  
Anthropologie's version of felted soap
You need to use pure Merino wool from these guys who are raised in New Zealand.

I've learned that wool is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  Between uses, these soaps should be allowed to drain and dry.  When the soap is down to a sliver, you can just cut a slit in the side
and slip a new bar of soap inside. Or you can put a few drops of essential oils on the inside and use them as drawer fresheners!  It's amazing how the hot water just opens the wool fibers and causes them to 'lock' together.  Strands of fine wool fiber become a thick mat of felted wool in just a few minutes.  If you google "felted soap" you can find all kinds of tutorials. 

Here is my soap, all dressed, labeled, and ready to give away!

Now to try felted "beads" . . .

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