Monday, January 7, 2013


Today was one of those days when I just had to make something.  Days like this happen to me on a regular basis.  I just want to hear the sewing machine hum, or the sound or my scissors cutting through some cardstock.  
My motivation today came by way of something else I love to do - read.  It's nothing new or earth-shattering.  But sometimes all you need is a little push to get started on a project of your own.  I hope this motivates you!

Have you ever borrowed a book from someone and kept it too long?  Then you decide it's time to return the book and it's been SO long that you don't even remember who you borrowed it from?   With a bookplate in all your books, you'll be sure to have all your books returned to you.  Yes, you can buy ready-made bookplates, but that's no fun.  It's always better to make your own of anything!  So I started to look through some clip art on the Graphics Fairy and picked one to use for making my own bookplates.  

First, I found the perfect vintage clip art from the Graphics Fairy.  
Then I "pasted in" a box with text to show the bookplate information. 
 That's it!  From now on, just make it a habit to glue a bookplate into every book you buy and your books will always be able to find their way home again.

And while you're at it, why not make the perfect gift for your fellow book lovers?

All you need to prettily package some up for your book-loving friends is a stack of personalized bookplates, a glassine bag, and a pretty sticker.  I  bought my bags from an Etsy seller - they're very inexpensive.
 Glassine bags are nostalgic and old fashioned.  They're also waterproof and air-tight, and the bookplates show through the foggy wax-like paper to give the recipient a look at what's inside.
Fold down the bag, apply a sticker, and slip the package inside a book the next time you loan one to a friend.  You can make up a bunch of packets ahead of time, leaving the "owner box" blank, for someone to fill in with their own information later.

They'll appreciate it and so will you, when your book is returned to you!

You don't want to go to the work of creating a bookplate yourself?  If you'd like the PDF I used for this project just leave your email address in a comment and I'd be happy to send it your way.


Tanya Murray said...

Just gorgeous Nan and I do have a special spot in my heart for book plates. Such a good idea and I am going to put it in my list of makes for next Christmas.

mike69361 said...

I would live to make the bookplates like this. If you could send the pdf I would so appreciate it. I belong to a book club and would make these for valentine's day.


WendyW said...

Thank you so much Nan for this kind offer. I love your blogg and all the inspiration it gives me! My email address is

Portobello Road said...

yes nan..please send me the these
thank you so much!!!

Anne said...

I love this idea Nan! You are so creative! What a sweet valentine gift this would make too!



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