Friday, January 11, 2013


Do you ever find yourself acquiring large of amounts of one particular thing?  You know you had good intentions when you stockpiled this item, but for the life of you, can't remember what those intentions were?  

Well, I recently sorted through my stash of fabric and realized I had an amazing amount of solid 
cotton . . . mostly white. 
I'm not sure when or why I got it all, but I decided it was time to finally DO something with some of it.  I took on a project that made a small dent in the pile and made some white dinner napkins.  They have a deep 8" ruffle along one side, measuring about 22" from end to end.

A mostly white table setting.  

It's been a pretty boring winter in the weather department here in Wisconsin.  Maybe I'm trying to make up for the lack of anything white outside the window?  

What would YOU do with yards and yards of white fabric?  I'm thinking a new dust ruffle for our bed might be in order.  I could use up a good 8 yards making one of those . . .

I'd welcome any ideas!


Anne said...

I don't have lots of fabric because I don't sew.But the pieces I do have but not want to use I display.
Not much here in Illinois either.All the snow is gone.But we are going to get some cold temperatures back tomorrow!

JoyceG said...

There are no limits to what you could do! White valances, maybe with some lace trimming - perfect for spring/summer in a powder room. White is great for embroidery/redwork backgrounds. How about stenciling/painting on some for pillows or framed artwork? And don't forget one of my favorites - white takes really well to dying with coffee or tea - you can go full immersion, sponge the tea on in areas for more depth of color, etc. Have fun!

Judy said...

Of all the the things to have a stash of, I can think of nothing better than a stash of white fabric. Don't be embarrassed for goodness sake, be proud! I was just looking through my fabric stash a few months ago for a nice piece of white fabric and to my dismay, I had none! Your napkins are lovely and make your table setting so special.I was wanting a small piece to make a short swag for a high bathroom window that currently is covered only by filming. It needed a little something extra. There are so many things you can use your white stash for, you will be surprised. As Joyce G commented, tea or coffee stained is an excellent choice for pillows, savory sachets or in mixed media projects. Don't dare get rid of your stash, you might just want want a little piece for a pretty window swag!

Susanne said...

An embarrassing stash! Too funny, the story of my life! But I love what you've created, have not seen napkins with such a beautiful deep ruffle. Onto the to do list it goes. Good luck with the rest of your stash, so far so good!



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