Friday, April 20, 2012

Two Eggs and a Science Lesson

Open the door, put your arm out with the camera in hand, and SNAP!  That's how close this nest is! Since I can so easily see the day to day developments going on in this beautiful little nest, I have to document them!  So, we are now up to two eggs.
 I wondered about the white streaks on the first egg.  After looking around on the internet for a few minutes, I got my answer.  The first egg was definitely moving when it received its pigment.
10 fun facts (and some not so fun) about the American Robin:

1.  Only the mom builds the nest and sits on the eggs.  
2.  The eggs will hatch 14 days after being laid in the nest.  (That puts our birthday party at  May 2nd!)
3.  There should be 3-5 eggs when she's finished.

4.  The eggs will hatch within 2 days of each other.

5.  The male will help with the feeding of the hatchlings. 
6.  The new little robins will be ready to leave the nest 14 days after they hatch.
7.  Mom will dive-bomb any intruders to the nest (cats, birds, or HUMANS!)

and sadly . . .

8.  The American Robins are "super-spreaders" of the West Nile Virus.  
9.  Only 25% of the hatchlings will survive to November.
10.  Robins make great snacks for cats, crows, and SQUIRRELS!  


I had no idea that squirrels ate robins.  

Wish I didn't know that.

I hope I never witness that.

 I used to like squirrels.



Anne said...

This is so interesting.Thank you for posting this.I have to admit I don't like squirrels.Especially the kind we have digging holes in our yard.We have a ground squirrel.And lately we have had a sweet neighborhood cat watching these squirrels.I don't think any of them have been caught.But I think they are scared I have not see them much :-)

Leilani said...

Thanks for posting..I wonder if the birds that love our backyard are robins..they we're making a nest earlier this week. They were so cute. Even gathered some flowers to add to the nest. I am thinking of buying binoculars so my kids can watch them up close.

Rhissanna said...

Mother Nature hands out some tough love, unfortunately. I love how the photos mirror your blog header and I hope this story has a happy ending. Good luck to Mrs Robin

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Very interesting, and a great photo of those eggs. Didn't know that about the West Nile. We had a nest of house wrens last year, 3 babies born, and snake came and ate them. Feral cats eat our rabbits, hawks eat the's cycle I guess.

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Your blog is on my top sites page so I glance down every time I open up the internet... waiting. I was so excited to see two eggs!! Loved the egg info and the... other stuff. Hubby declared war on the squirrels last year and we bought a live trap. He became quite the squirrel catcher. We released them a few miles from here on the edge of town in a small forest. They are so cute to watch but wreak havoc on our apples, my planters and all of the wee song birds.

I am still hopeful that a robin couple will find the robin shelter in the yard... maybe I need a VACANCY sign!

Will keep an eye on you and your brood. :) said...

How amazing. I love the color of these eggs.

Linda J.



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