Monday, April 16, 2012


Let me begin by saying . . . you CAN'T make this!

In my long days in the garden over the last few weeks, I made a discovery in one of our shrubs.  One day there was nothing and the next day . . .
If I hadn't spent so much time outside these last weeks - it may have gone unnoticed.  It's not very high off the ground, so I hope the leaves fill in quickly and give it cover.  
Those long tendrils of plant material are from the daylilies that were left last fall.  What a work of art!  
Notice that the outside of the nest is made with the more coarse, tough plant parts . . . and the inside is made with the fine and soft grassy like pieces.  A soft little bed for the family to be.
 Today there are no eggs.  But one of these days they will start to appear.  One by one.  

Because she's a busy little mama!


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

So, so lovely! Happy to see your post. Our robins love our leftover daylily bits too. I'm a bit disappointed that they haven't selected any of the yarn scraps I've put out for them in the suet cage. I guess they know best... it is a beautiful nest. :)

Laurel Stephens said...

What a beautiful post; I'm in awe of that perfect little nest, and you snapped a wonderful photo of the mom to-be. Thanks for such a nice spring treat today.

Anne said...

LOVELY photos.Wow nature at it's best.

Veronica said...

Hi Nan!
Oh my word that nest is truly a masterpiece! Love the tendrils hanging down - she certainly is an amazing architect/decorator! We're in Autumn here right now. The shadows are getting longer, there is a slight breeze and of course the leaves are turning...
So enjoyed your blogpost! (I have been MIA from blogland a lot too - so don't despair! I know just how you feel sometimes!) I have your blog as a heading on my homepage and can see everytime you write a new post)Vxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just found your blog and absolutely love the posts on your little visitors.
I have a bird house just outside my bedroom window and am watching some tiny visitors of my own building their nest,.
How exciting to watch!!
Carole R.



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